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Anonymous said —
❝ Why do you draw fem!Kyle like he's fat? I don't get it. He's told to be the one with the lowest weight out of all the boys said by the creators. ❞

Oodalolly, I’ve been expecting an ask like this lol. I always get at least one, although usually it’s on dA.

Lowest weight out of all the boys, that he is. As a pre-pubescent male child. Which is safe to say my teen fem!Kyle is not lol. I used to be one of the tallest kids in my class when I was his age, and by my fem!Kyle’s age, I was stuck at a short 5’2” haha.  People change shape/size as they age. As for why I specifically made my fem!Kyle chubby, well, as I said on dA in a response to a previous questioning of my inclusion of body diversity:

I always make my fem!Kyle a short chubby cutie. I like to make her heavier because Sheila is pretty heavy, and kids tend to follow their parent(s) body type (with girls and their mothers especially, I’ve noticed). Not always, but often enough. So I like the idea of fem!Kyle kinda having more full figure like her mother. Not to mention, as I’m sure many people know, females tend to store more body fat than males (got stuff to do with estrogen blah blah). Plus, (older) Kyle is often depicted as really skinny in the fandom, both as a male and female. I figured I’d do something a little different because yay body diversity lol. Honestly, if I could go back in time and redo my teen/adult Kyle design, I’d probably make him shorter and more heavy like my fem!Kyle lol.

So, to conclude, it wasn’t just some random, spur of the moment choice. There was much thought behind it. 

It’s funny, nobody questions me making Clyde thin (who was labeled the second fattest kid in their class).

After drawing that fem!Style pic, I felt the need to draw all four of them. I missed drawing them.


stan defends his beloved family from a treacherous herd

And then he blocked me so I couldn’t reply lmao. 

So, I posted that fem!Style pic on my dA, and I got a comment from some Etsoree dude that was simply


Like really, did you just correct my use of ‘fem!Kyle’ and ‘fem!Style’? So I checked out his dA, and lmao. He had a list. A list of things he hates (what is this, OKCupid?) which included ‘People who put unneeded exclamation points in between phrases’. Other things on his list include Tumblr, AUs, Crossovers, Lesbians, Overpriced artists, 'Artistic nudity', The phrase ‘haha’/’ha ha’, Supernatural, When people go “asdfkl”, The term ‘ship’/shipping’, College people, People that have multiple relationship partners ( with or without the consent of them all ), The term ‘PC’ when people are talking about computers, The term ‘NSFW’, Genderswaps, The phrase “headcanon”, People who make their text tiny, Fake genders, plus much more. The best part is that like a quarter of the things on his list, such all the ones I listed, could be applied to me or my art. Like, bro, why are you even following me

He also had Girls cosplaying as guys, Girls who wear really short shorts, etc. I honestly expected feminism and women not shaving to be on there. Ironically fedoras and MLP were on the list.

What a gem.

So I said I was inspired to draw fem!Kyle earlier, so I drew somw. And I tossed in fem!Stan because yay cute lesbians (or, you know, bi/pan/polysexuals). Also, yay ice cream.

I love when people outside the fandom start reblogging my fanart without any clue that it’s South Park. This has been going around lately (guessing because it’s summer) and it’s been reblogged to like, nature/summer appreciation blogs lol. Someone reblogged it with the tag #is this eleanor and park. ??? Never heard of them, so I googled who the hell Eleanor and Park are and laughed. I now have the strongest urge to draw girl!Kyle.

Happy UFO Day (according to Tumblr). I don’t know what that’s supposed to be exactly, but I drew art for it at 4am anyway.

The best part is how illiterate this is, like “do sth” — okay, will do?

According to his profile he’s from Germany. So not only did he go out of his way to harass me on multiple drawings, he actually took the time to do it in a foreign language. 

So this muessigb dude on dA went through some of my really old art and felt the need to tell me just how much he apparently doesn’t like gay.




It’s time! 

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