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Happy Easter

I didn’t think to draw anything for Easter, so I’ll just reblog what I drew last year.

South Park Contributors You Should Know and Follow



Here’s a list of some fantastic artists who contribute/have contributed quite a bit to this fandom whom you should know if you don’t already! The list is in no specific order and includes both DA and Tumblr artists. Please feel free to add to this list as you wish!

Hey, I updated the list a little bit but I’m unfortunately not in the loop with the writing side of the fandom, so you guys should add more contributors on for sure!

"And that was my toast, Clyde”

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in forever. College and commissions, man. So have some Craig&Clyde I doodled during class.

Not to be a jerk, but please don’t repost my art. It even says right on dA in the artist comment section in bold text not to re-upload to Tumblr because I already posted it. It’s even really easy to find on my tumblr. 

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Hey, authors! It’s time to sign up for SPBB 2014!


It’s an exciting time to be in South Park fandom, what with our long-awaited cross-dressing RPG coming out one week from tomorrow, oh my god. SPBB 2014 is the perfect place to channel your fannish energy. (Is anyone excited about all the Tweek spoilers? Someone write a 20,000-word fic about that, it’s perfect.)

Sign-ups will be open until March 10. Please join us!

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Krita the Digital Painting App now on Steam!

This Kiki the Cyber Squirrel, the mascot of Krita the digital painting app. This picture is used as Krita 2.8’s startup splash and Krita’s Steam box art, cover art and avatar as well.

Wallpaper version available!
Wallpaper version of the first picture, includes popular resolutions for PC, smartphones and pads.
» Download! «

What is Krita?

Krita is the only digital painting tool I’m using. It is a free (as in freedom), open source software. It offers a sophisticated brush system, packs in almost everything that a digital painter needs and is very easy to use.

Help Krita on Steam Greenlight!

Krita is now available for Windows PC, and the develop team is trying to get Greenlight on Steam as well. Please help them (and thus helps everyone)!

» Krita on Steam «

What I like about Krita

Krita’s page has detailed introduction of what it is capable of. I would like to cover a few things that I really like about Krita here as well:


  • Krita’s brush system is fast and smooth. It is optimized for graphics tablets with pressure support.
  • Ruler tool assistance when drawing long curves (something comparable to SAI).
  • It doesn’t draw jigsaws when zoomed out (my nightmare when using Adobe Photoshop).


Krita has a friendly, highly customizable user interface. The basic operations when using a brush tool are:

  • Shift + drag = Change brush size
  • Ctrl = temporary color picker
  • Middle button + hover movement = Move canvas
  • Ctrl + Middle button + hover movement up / down = Zoom canvas
  • Shift + Middle button + hover movement around = Rotate canvas

Simply right click and you can access:

  • Color picker
  • Recently used colors
  • Favorite tool presents


  • Supports layer with many mixing method.
  • Supports layer group.
  • Supports layer mask.


High quality resize with Lanczos3 filter. It doesn’t produce inferior shrinking result like Adobe Photoshop does sometimes.

GPU Acceleration:

  • GPU accelerated fast & high quality canvas rotation and zooming.
  • Realtime mirrored view mode.
  • Color management support.
Free as in Freedom:

Krita is free (libre) and open source software. Its source codes are publicly available. You can study, modify, and distribute Krita without restriction. You can learn more about Free Software Movement.

The Mascot

And yes, I designed Krita’s mascot, Kiki the Cyber Squirrel. I’ve also designed Krita’s box art, banner art and projet avatar on Steam. Krita’s next major release, Krita 2.8, scheduled on late February, will have my picture as its startup splash as well! I’m very happy to see my work becomes useful to the project!

Additional resources:

David Revoy has been making tutorials and resources for Krita, available on his website. If you are new to Krita, make sure to visit his place for some useful tips and brushes! Please visit David’s website.

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I’m still finding my art being uploaded here on tumblr despite all the ‘do not repost’s in not just the artist comments, but right on my dA profile. Lol, do people even read what my dA profile says?

Relevant once again. Do I really have to go through every single thing I have uploaded to dA and write ‘do not upload’?

Part of a commission for ukaisha

I saw others posting their SPRMB stuff, so here.

And here is the awesome fic written to go along with it.

Something I doodled for Christmas and forgot about. Oops.

supernatural boyfriends~

I miss drawing Crenny

So I was watching the 09 Sherlock Holmes movie while doodling my favorite boys and all I could think of was how great it would be to watch these two losers running around trying to solve crimes in the 1800s, like

"Stanley, I received word earlier of a grisly triple murder with mysterious circumstances."  





i was VERY EXCITED about the sprmb so i put together this promo post with all of the art! i hope that’s okay.

❀ read the mini-bang fics here and enjoy lovely art! 


We’re excited to announce that SPRMB 2013 has launched! Click here to check out some incredibly amazing artwork. Fics are accessible via each illustration’s gallery page.

The people who contribute to SPBB events are some of the coolest and most talented people in any fandom, and we’re grateful to our artists, writers, and betas for helping to make this an outstanding (if hectic!) year for South Park fanworks.

Coming in 2014: fic index, revamped participant directory, and SPBB 2014. See you then!

Awesome! I’ve been so excited to see/read everyone’s hard work. I’m so happy it’s finally here~

Keep tapping your little tambourine, you precious little unenthusiastic brat<3